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Smart thermostats: savings and comfort

They reduce energy consumption and provide quality of life.
Termostatos inteligentes: ahorro y confort

If you are one of those people that go out and leave the heating on, or those that hate to come home from work to a freezing cold house or simply one of those that want to keep their energy consumption under control, smart thermostats will be of great help to you.

The new generation of smart thermostats connects directly to your Smartphone and enables you to control your household’s energy consumption at all times. You can switch your heating on or off from wherever you are, programme how your boiler works depending on the day of the week and independently adjust the temperature in each room. You can even see if someone enters your house thanks to motion sensors.

And best of all, they learn your habits and they can establish the most suitable programmes to reduce energy consumption, which is why they are called smart thermostats. If you would like to find out more about smart energy management systems for your household, we invite you to discover our Nexo system. You will be impressed!