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What is the VPSC?

The VPSC or Voluntary Price for Small Customer, is the system for establishing the price of electricityintroduced by the government for customers in the regulated market.

The VPSC or Voluntary Price for Small Customer, is the system for establishing the price of electricity introduced by the government for customers in the regulated market (customers that have a contract with a Reference Reseller Company – in case of Endesa - Endesa Energía XXI -), with a contracted power that does not exceed 10kW. On 28 March 2014 ( Royal Decree ) the VPSC tariff replaced the Last Resort Tariff (LRT).

With the entry into force of the VPSC, electricity bills still have three components:

  • The cost of producing electricity.
  • Access tolls, determined by the Ministry of Industry to cover all the activities related to supplying homes with electricity and other costs related to the electricity system.
  • Relevant taxes.

With the VPSC, only the way in which the cost of producing electricity varies.

What is the difference between the VPSC tariff and the old LRT tariff?

When the TUR system existed, the price of electricity was set at quarterly auctions between power generators and electricity suppliers. This disappeared with the PVPC system, and new market conditions were introduced by which prices vary every hour of the day depending on supply and demand. Different factors influence the rise and fall of the price of the kWh in the PVPC regulated tariff system.

How is the VPSC billing carried out?

This new system will be applied in two ways:

If you already have a smart meter

It is possible to know how many kWh you consume every hour of each day, so you only have to apply  the prices notified by Red Eléctrica Española, the corporation which operates the Spanish national electricity network. 

If you don't have a smart meter yet

It is impossible to know how many kWh you consume every hour, so the profile of an average consumer is applied to you (as created by Red Eléctrica Española).

All households should have a smart meter connected to the remote management system before 2019.

What options does the VPSC offer?

There are 3 options within the VPSC:

  1. General tariff

    A constant price curve is applied throughout the day, with it being slightly cheaper at night.

  2. Nocturnal tariff

    Two time periods are established, an On-peak period (daytime) and an Off-peak period (night time) offering very different electricity prices.

    On-peak period:
    Winter: From 12:00 a 22:00 h.
    Summer: From 13:00 a 23:00 h.

    Off-peak period:
    Winter: From 22:00 a 12:00 h.
    Summer: From 23:00 a 13:00 h.

  3. Super Off-peak Tariff

    Is a tariff that splits the day into three periods. The Super Off-peak period is from 01:00 h to 07:00 h designed to make charging electric vehicles more economical.

What are the options available for avoiding price variations?

If you want to avoid price variations, you have the following options:

  1. Open Market

    You can contract an Open Market tariff and enjoy all the benefits it offers:

    • Prices that are known in advance and that remain stable for at least one year.
    • More competitive prices.
    • You can enjoy additional products and services adapted to your needs.
    • No minimum commitment period or penalties.
  2. Fixed Price

    You can also contract the Annual Fixed Price with your Reference Reseller Company which will apply a fixed price that is established beforehand. Once this has been contracted, it does involve a minimum commitment period of 12 months.

Customers with Social Rate

If you have a Social Rate, the VPSC tariff will be applied with a 25% discount. For more information about how to benefit from the Social Rate, click here

How to change your electricity or gas rate?

You are free to choose your rate and your electricity and gas company. Discover how to change.

How to change rate

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