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  • Entering your meter readings 3.0

Entering your meter readings 3.0

Entering your meter readings 3.0

Enter your reading

If your electricity supply is greater than 15 KW.

You can send us your meter's reading by making a request, and providing the following the following information in the comments field:

  • Contract Number.
  • Reading date.
  • Reading.

In order for the reading provided to be included in the next bill, you should keep in mind:

  • If your meter has various readings you should provide all of them, indicating the corresponding period for each.
  • You should provide the reading within the 10 days prior to the issuance of your next bill.

If you aren't sure if the capacity you have contracted is above 15 Kw, you can consult your contract characteristics at My Endesa, or if you're not yet registered you can do so here.

Do you want to send your reading? Let us help
1. Access the form

Resuelve en un minuto

If you have an electricity contract above 15 Kw, you must fill out the form and indicate the reason for your request.

You can access the form from My Endesa, through the My Transactions section. If you're not yet registered, you can sign up in the section Solved in a Minute

Below, we have provided, in more detail, how to enter your meter reading.

2. Select the type of request to be made.

Once you have accessed the form, you should select the type of transaction request.

3. Give the reason for your request

Select the Other Readings category and the subject Enter Reading (more than 15Kw) and tell us the reason for your request in the comments field. Remember, you need to give us the contract number, the date of the reading and the reading information from your meter.

In the case that your meter has various readings, you should provide all of them and the period corresponding to each. 


Once you have finished filling out the form, click on the Send button.


We´ll show you a message with a follow-up code that you can use to consult the status of your request through My Endesa in the  My Transactions section, or if you are not yet registered you can do so here.